Attractive Video Content

We provide cutting edge tools to help partner publishers unlock the potential of (programmatic) video

  • Create new high-yield video ad placements from existing inventory
  • Provide leading-edge player technology and high-yielding monetization of mobile inventory
  • Provide engaging and relevant professionally generated video content that is not blocked by Chrome autoplay blocking policy
  • Offer access to global programmatic for existing and new video ad placements
  • Any site can apply for becoming a monetization and syndication partner

Flexible and modular partnership arrangements: Publisher partners can play our video content, just use our player and our encoding/ hosting facilities or opt for our video ad monetization only

We combine instream, oustream and high impact display inventory yielding in above-average fill rates

  • We provide attractive fill rates for instream inventory.
  • We provide attarctive fill rates for outstream inventory by mixing video ads and high impact display ads.
  • We only use ad formats that are fully compliant with the standards of the better ads coalition.
  • We use video ads in a way that they are not blocked by Chrome autoblocking (Chrome Browser 66).

We partner with publishers and have a publisher view on monetization

High Fill Rates

Superior CPMs

We connect publishers with leading demand sources world-wide and provide high fill rates. This applies to instream inventory as well as outstream inventory.

  • We connect publisher inventories with leading programamtic demand sources and DSPs.
  • We embark on high-yielding direct deals to increase fill rates.
  • We use state-of-the-art player technology to provide high CTR and Viewability.
  • We can arrange for high fill/lower CPM as well as for low fill/high CPM strategies

We offer flexible monetization and content play-out terms. A publisher does not like what we do anymore. We are sorry but will stop play-out and other services very quickly.