1. Platform Only

We license our video platform and customers get access to the following features and functions:

  • Pre-mid-post roll and overlay ads, fully VAST/VPAID compatible
  • VAST/VPAID mobile autoplay and ad waterfalling
  • Mobile in-page playback and adaptive/HLS/HD streaming
  • Video encoding and storage
  • Closed captions with no additional branding from us
  • Outstream ad units
  • Ad de-blocker integration (upon special arrangement)
  • Advanced social integration and mobile SDK integration (upon special arrangement)
  • Live Streaming and analytics with ComScore support
  • Playlist widget and designer skins and custom logo

Some of the features are only available for licensees with commitments larger than $1,000 per month.


Plan 1: 8TB / month: $600 / month*
Plan 2: 12TB / month: $850 / month*
Plan 3: 16TB / month: $1100 / month*
Plan 4: 20TB / month: $1300 / month*
Plan 5: Above 20TB = 0,06 USD per GB.                                  
*User selects a plan and is billed monthly in advance; overage is billed on monthly basis at 0,075 USD per GB for plans 1 – 4

2. Platform and Monetization Plan

All Platform Only Features and Pricing of Platform Only Plan, plus

Backfill with A-2 ads program (with special arrangement, requires separate revenue arrangement with A-2 issuing monthly credit notes)

Full stack monetization with A-2 premium ads program (requires separate revenue arrangement with A-2 issuing monthly credit notes)

Partners with minimum commitment larger than $1,000 per month may apply for revenue share only plan (see Platform, Monetization, Video Content Plan)

3. Platform, Monetization, Video Content Plan

All Platform and Monetization Features with all pricing options, plus video content from the A-2 video library.

50 % revenue share from all income generate with the A-2 platform (requires separate revenue generation and monetization arrangement with A-2 issuing monthly credit notes)