Nine years ago the first XC60 generation drove on Europe's roads. Volvo sold just under a million XC60 vehicles during this time. High time for the Swedes to bring a successor to the market in 2017.

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Volvo XC60 D5 AWD

The old Volvo XC60 was already a chic SUV and scored among other things. with its long-term qualities and safety equipment. The new one should make everything even better. To come to the point: He does a lot better.

The Volvo brand has gone through a lot of internal changes in recent years and it didn't always look the best for the traditional brand. But the Swedes have made it with the new models. The Volvo XC90 was already an announcement and now the bestseller XC60 is really turning up. The Volvo XC60 cannot and does not want to hide its relationship to the big XC90 brother. Why also. Head designer Thomas Ingenlath has created a masterpiece.

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