Lematch.tv (German) is a news format produced 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening) with three current individual news items each, plus some tabloids and statistics. The focus is on the German Bundesliga. Each news item is approx. 120 seconds long.

Video structure :

Lematch.tv videos are produced 3 times a day (morning, noon, evening) as individual videos and put together into playlists that contain the news of the last 7 days (21 news per playlist with the latest news at the beginning). Each post contains three pieces of news, statistics, sayings, quotes and some tabloid accessories and is around 90-120 seconds long.

A delivery can take place either via widget player with thumbnails under the large player or via the single-view player without thumbnails under the large player.

The delivery can be click to play, scroll to play or autoplay. This applies to desktop and mobile. Using a sticky player is just as possible as using an inline or incontent player. The player can also be played via the DFP ad server.

Videos can be played silently or with sound. There is an option to give the player the command to switch from "Sound on" to "Mute" if the Chrome browser would otherwise block the playout (autoplay). It is also possible to limit the adsizes so that Google's heavy ads rules are adhered to.

On the monetization side, the publisher has various degrees of freedom:

  • Preroll (s) before the first video, after the first video, the second, etc.
  • Advertising after every video, after every other video, etc.
  • Podding (i.e. 2 or even 3 prerolls in a row) or standard.

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