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Multiple Video Upload - You can upload multiple videos at once and work inside the CMS, while videos upload and are being encoded in the background.

Multiple-tiered encoding systems - You can swiftly and accurately encode any import format to an appropriate output including adaptive HLS.

Secure Hosting - You are free to host an unlimited number of videos in your A-2 account with no additional costs.



CMS - Manage large amounts of videos, add metadata, and tags. Organize them in playlists and add SEO information.

Create Dynamic Playlists - You can design user-created playlists or start implementing dynamic playlists such as the latest video feed, video playlist by tag, and video playlist by channel.

Playlist Widget - You can manage all of your video content as a single entity and easily share all or specific videos with as many third-party web properties as you like, provided you have listed them in the CMS.

Subaccounts - You can create subaccounts and award specific play-out rights to each of the subaccounts.



Import YouTube and Vimeo Videos - Provide our CMS with a direct URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video, and we will fetch your video and prepare it for embedding.

MRSS Feed Import - Import a multitude of videos by providing our system with an MRSS video feed. You can turn videos during import into playlists and you can set up a timer, which will make any video appear at the specified time in your feed.

AMP, DFP, IA - You can deliver any video via the DFP ad server or make it behave like an outstream ad unit. We support videos in AMP format, or as Facebook Instant Article.

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