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Live Streaming


  • High-Quality Streaming
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • DVR Support
  • Server-Side Security and Password Protection
  • Content Syndication
  • Video and Live Stream Hosting
  • Encoding and Transcoding
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Live Stream Monetization
  • Intuitive Video CMS
  • White-Label Video Player
  • Full Platform API


Private Video Hosting

A-2 offers private video hosting services to speed up publishers’ live streams by not having to process and store VODs locally. We also offer high-end security to keep confidential data safe and full control for broadcasters to see who sees their content.

Intuitive Video Content Management System

With our video content management system publishers can organize, set up, and manage their live streams and VODs. The feature is especially suitable for publishers with large live stream and video libraries.

High-End Security

Having full server-side security is essential to keeping confidential information safe and controlling who can access the live streams and VODs. We provide features such as password protection, HTTPS delivery, and Geographic/IP restrictions.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adaptive bitrate streaming support is essential to ensure optimal user experience with minimal latency. This feature allows broadcasters to deliver HLS live streams to end-users in multiple video renditions, depending on their bandwidth. Users will get a smooth and lag-free playback regardless of their internet speed or device.

Live Stream Monetization Options

A-2 can offer two monetization models:

  • Selling ad inventory and
  • Users paying a fixed one-time or regular/recurring subscription fee to gain access to the live streaming content.

Mobile Streaming Support

Since more and more online video content is watched and streamed on mobile devices, businesses must consider their mobile viewers. That is why mobile streaming is essential for any successful broadcaster. 80% of consumers watch videos and live streams on their phones nowadays?

Real-Time Analytics

Tracking live stream’s success and audience metrics is essential to learning more about viewers, their likes and dislikes, and how well you are performing in general. That is why having access to detailed streaming and video analytics is vital.

Powerful (Mobile) Live Streaming with Multiple Quality Renditions

We can offer up to 40,000 kbps live streaming to distribute live video content (and audio only) to as many viewers around the globe as possible. Optimized for mobile reception our mobile live streaming provides glitch-free viewing experiences on the go. Examples entail shareholder meetings, town hall meetings, concerts, shows, events, exhibitions, press conferences, interviews and many more


Viewers can pause, play, and rewind live events streamed with our services. Viewers who watch the live event after the initial broadcast time can also move to an earlier position of the video at any time.

If you are interested in working with us, please click the "contact us" button and fill in the “Get Started” form. For support, press, and other inquiries, please do also click the "contact us" button and use the form for AOB or press matters. If you like to open an account with us and have your user and contract data at hand, please click the "contact us" button and fill in the "account" form.


Our company expands the scope of its activities, the scale of business conduct and the geography of its services.

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