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A-2 Video


Our top-grade enterprise video platform with video player, analytics, encoding, hosting, and distribution can help you grasp your full potential in managing and monetizing your video. Whether you are in media working with ads, paid content, and syndication or employing video in other b2b or b2c contexts, our platform can help you realize the full potential of video. We distribute and deliver several hundred thousand videos each day. Securely, globally, for different devices, connections, and bandwidths.


Performance. Excellence. Ease of use.


One platform for all your video requirements. Live, on-demand, and OTT. For all devices, for all channels, and for most industry-specific use cases and business models. We help you build a video revenue machine with the help of our suite of video production, management, distribution, and monetization tools.


We provide you with a video management -, distribution -,  and monetization platform that scales according to your needs. This entails a customizable video player, unlimited video encoding and hosting, live streaming, video analytics, a top-notch ad tech stack with video ad server facilities such as unlimited waterfalling, multiple pods, and video header-bidding, paywall, and subscription management, and an array of pre-configured, ready to be used out of the box, applications tailored to the needs of specific industries and use cases.


Sign-up and get started immediately. Our platform is ready to be used with no additional coding skills required. And we make it our mission to give you superior support and the utmost cost - and revenue transparency, candid on-boarding - and trial terms as well as fair revenue share -, pricing - and payment terms.

If you are interested in working with us, please click the "contact us" button and fill in the “Get Started” form. For support, press, and other inquiries, please do also click the "contact us" button and use the form for AOB or press matters. If you like to open an account with us and have your user and contract data at hand, please click the "contact us" button and fill in the "account" form.


Our company expands the scope of its activities, the scale of business conduct and the geography of its services.

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