We provide bespoke in-stream video opportunities in selected verticals at no cost for our partner publishers.


A square deal:

  Partner Publisher Tasks
  • Add our video content to your site according to established rules for premium in-stream content
  • Generate traffic and build reach adhering to video publisher policies of the major international premium ad networks
  • Optional: Add your own videos to our playlists and play them together with our  videos on your site
  • Optional: Add your own monetization partners to the set of A-2 monetization partners
  A-2 Tasks
  • Produce and deliver bespoke topical videos, optimized for mobile reception
  • Monetize in-stream inventory internationally with pre-roll ads at superior CPMs
  • Create unmatched user experience and longer time-on-site for the publishers in the A-2 network
  • Vastly improve monetization of the A-2 publisher partner sites