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In-Stream Video To Rise Above The Noise

We provide bespoke in-stream video opportunities in selected verticals at no cost for our partner publishers.

A square deal:

Partner Publisher Tasks

  • Add our video content to your site according to established rules for premium in-stream content
  • Generate traffic and build reach adhering to video publisher policies of the major international premium ad networks
  • Optional: Add your own videos to our playlists and play them together with our  videos on your site
  • Optional: Add your own monetization partners to the set of A-2 monetization partners

A-2 Tasks

  • Produce and deliver bespoke topical videos, optimized for mobile reception
  • Monetize in-stream inventory internationally with pre-roll ads at superior CPMs
  • Create unmatched user experience and longer time-on-site for the publishers in the A-2 network
  • Vastly improve monetization of the A-2 publisher partner sites

If you are interested in working with us, please click the "contact us" button and fill in the “Get Started” form. For support, press, and other inquiries, please do also click the "contact us" button and use the form for AOB or press matters.


Our company expands the scope of its activities, the scale of business conduct and the geography of its services.

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