Better Audience Targeting

Reach the “global class”

  • We provide attractive and unique inventory through our unique publisher network.
  • You can reach your target audience on custom PMPs on mobile web and desktop with soccer, finance, lifehack, boulevard, news, entertainment and viral content sites.
  • All of our ad units are compliant with iab standards including VAST and VPAID.
  • We target the “global class” based on the content they’re interested in, not their profiles.
  • We place videos with content users that have chosen to watch.
  • We are fully compliant with the better ads coalition rules and the content is not blocked by Chrome..

Flexible and modular partnership arrangements: Publisher partners can play our video content, just use our player and our encoding/ hosting facilities or opt for our video ad monetization only

We make sure you reach your target audience

Better Audience Targeting

IAB and Better Ads Compliant

Our ads are fully complaint with the better ads coalition and IAB standards. We place them in a non-intrusive way, so Chrome does not block them

High View Through Rates and Viewability

We make sure that ads displayed stay in view and are viewed through.

Publisher Network

We provide access to a superior publisher network targeting the “global class”.

Analytical Data

We provide you with with deep analytical insight into all desired KPIs of your campaign.

Flexible Terms

We can offer flexible delivery terms with limited risk